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Appalachian Servant Event - LCMS

The Appalachian (pronounced app-uh-latch-uhn) Servant Event is the longest running high school servant event in the LCMS.

The event requires high maturity and high responsibility.  Light construction, painting, cleaning, and extreme digging of septic sites are the typical work experiences each year. Approximately 35 youth plus adults spend nearly two weeks in the mountains of Appalachia.

The youth who come to the Appalachian Servant Event will make a difference in the lives of people through their meaningful work. They will make friends they may keep for a lifetime. Most importantly, the people who attend this event will leave with a deep connection to their Savior’s servant sacrifice for them personally, and be empowered to be Christ’s hands and feet on earth.

Next Servant Event:
July 13-24, 2024

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